Sunday, February 13, 2011

Water, the essence of life

The human body is made up of over 70% water.
Blood in the body is more than 90% water
The brain is over 85% water
The kidneys are 82% water

Purity of water in the body is significant to a healthy body and mind.

Since the human body is 70% water, the same principles apply to the water in the body. Our negative thoughts and words create chaos in the molecular structure of water in our body, creating a blockage for energy to flow. This blockage of energy is usually the cause of pain in specific areas of the body. Applying the V3O charge to the area of pain, restructures the molecules, and opens for energy to flow. Drinking V3O charged water daily keeps the molecular structure organized in your body, and gives you a better energy flow. 

Water, when it moves through pressurized pipes, is forced to move in concentric rings instead of its natural movement, which is in spirals. When water moves through pipes it forces the outer electrons to be removed, creating "unstructured" water. This means that all water that we drink or bath in that comes from pressurized pipes is associated with disease".

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