Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Magnetic human energy field

Today I came to the realization that the little bubble of energy around us, some call it aura is more powerfull, than initially perceived.

Most people do not realize that they have a second skin - an energy skin that protects and shields their energy system just as physical skin protects their inner organs.  Like physical skin, the aura is permeated with natural disease-fighting chemistry, and it hosts the sensory communications of the nervous system. This second skin is the boundary between the personal energy system and the energy of  the environment; an illuminated wrap of life-force medicine; and a subtle nervous system receiving and sending energy messages. This energy skin is the aura. Every living being has an aura.

Everything has an aura of some kind. An aura can be used to detect physical, mental and emotional health problems – even before disease or illness is present. It is thought, that auras change colors depending on the mood or state of health, becoming more vibrant in higher states, muddy and grey in illness and fear.

I have read that the aura has been described as many things, but most often it’s portrayed as essence that emanates from the body that can be seen through various means. It is often described as bands of color or light, the border of the etheric body, the “human rainbow.” In religious works of art, auras are often portrayed as a halo surrounding the head of the saintly or spiritual.

The human aura field is distributed around the body like an ovoid, spherical, or egg-shaped cocoon of energy. Clairvoyantly, it appears as a shape with different qualities in different places. The boundary may seem  as diffuse, well defined, smooth, or jagged.

People’s auras can also affect each other – becoming harmonious and uplifting together, or causing dissent and repulsion. Perhaps this is why some people instantly connect and get along great while other people seem to put off the people around them.

 The human aura is a magnetic human energy field that surrounds the physical body. Science has shown that almost every physical being or entity creates its own magnetic field due to the processes of its body. Basically, anything that is alive and that has a heartbeat, has some sort of natural electrical current running through it. Therefore the human body has its own energy field, the aura. People have used this aura to practice energy healing and chakra balancing as a form of holistic healing therapy.

We have all experienced being "drained" by an-other person, while communicating. In many cases they are using other peoples energies to supplement their own rather than building up their own. All they may realize is that, when they finish talking with somebody or being with them, they feel better.

When being "drained" it is easier just to correct the situation without saying a word about it. Everybody can control whether another shares their energy or not. One of the simplest methods is to close the circuit of energy. There are currents of energy flowing through the body and around it within the auric field. It is possible to close them down so that  the energies only circulate around the persons own auric field and throughout the body, thus preventing the energies from being drawn off from the aura, and preventing the aura from drawing in another's energy.

It is said that assuming the posture described is all it takes. Crossing feet at the ankles and bringing thumbs and fingers together so they are touching. (your thumbs and index fingers). This will close the circuit. The energy will not go out from a person assuming the position described.

It is also believed  that fresh air and proper breathing are essential to a strong and vital aura. Breathing for maximum energy to the aura should be done through the nostrils. Mouth breathing makes an individual more susceptible to diseases. It impairs the vitality of the aura.

When one is feeling healthy, self-confident, calm, and grounded, the aura is healthy as well. A healthy aura is indicated by a cocoon of energy surrounding and extending out from the body in all directions. This positive protection field is composed of bright colors, strong vibrations, pure tones, and a full, smooth, egg-shaped boundary. 

When one is  sick, depressed, sad, or unsure of oneself, the aura is close to the body. The colors are most likely to be dull, murky, and dark. The frequency is slow and erratic. There may be breaks or tears in the boundary. And the shape could be bumpy and distorted. All of these indicate that the  aura is not serving as a positive protection field between a person and the energy of others and the environment.

An unprotective aura can be a cause of illness and distress for sensitive people. Without the natural filtering system of a positive protection field surrounding your body, you are open to environmental influences. The frequency of different energies can coexist and overlap nondestructively in the same space; take, for example, radio and television frequencies. Much of the energy in ones environment - mental, physical, and emotional - may be positive, but much of it is negative.

An Early-Warning System 
The aura is a multi-operational energy field. It also acts as a reception and relay network for subtle energies. It delivers energy messages to the chakra system, which translates them into hormonal, nerve, and cellular activity in the physical body. In general, the aura tends to hold present (rather than past) thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and interactions between oneself and the environment. As the world first interconnects with a persons auric field, the freshest impressions, communications, and intuitive hits are woven into it. As an early-warning system, the aura also detects energy disturbance not yet manifested. This aspect of the aura's function is a preview of the future that can be utilized as a preventive tool. 

The aura, when functioning effectively, acts as a lightning rod for negative energy or thoughts that enter a persons space. If the aura is not protecting a person well, it might be hit by someone's unhealthy energy transference, or it might feel that one is being verbally attacked when someone is simply transmitting information. With a grounded aura, these undesirable intrusions into ones system will be intercepted at the outer edge of the aura and automatically grounded out of ones personal field and down into the earth. With practice, the aura can become an autonomic system of protection.

A Positive Protection 
A highly healthy aura nourishes us with a constant circulation of life-force energy. It also protects, because high-energy fields disintegrate energy that enters from lower-energy fields. 

In order for ones aura to act as positive protection it must be in a whole and healthy state of coherence. When the aura is filled with life force, others will show respect for ones boundaries. With intuition one can sense and heal aberrations in the field of the aura. With intention and affirmation, one can quickly revive the potent vitality of the aura's protective qualities.

A number of psychologists have done research on the psychological aura, although they have not done it under the name of aura research: after all, they're respectable people and to use a bad word like that. . . . They've done it under the concept of personal space. It has been observed that people act as if there is something special about the space immediately around them, and that the space may be quite sharply defined.

A number of investigators have done what we might call invasion studies. They have mapped out a target person's personal space by invading it and seeing at what distance he moves away or reports feeling uncomfortable.

People have been found to have differently shaped personal spaces this way. A person's personal space is usually much bigger in front. It may stick out a meter or more. In general, one can get much closer in on the side before a person gets uncomfortable, closer in on the back than one can on the front.

Now, again, for investigating the psychological aura, it is stressed  about the importance of individual variability, that tends to be overlooked. It is suspected that there maybe very different types of people with respect to the personal space they have.

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